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The mission of the WCYSO is to develop well-rounded young men and women in Sportsmanship, Scholarship, and Service

Sportsmanship builds teamwork, character, and teaches respect, discipline, inclusion, resilience, and perseverance. The benefits of good sportsmanship are many.


We believe athletes should be recognized for exemplary performance.  

Congratulations to the past award winners listed below!

Coach Michael Mungro Award:

2017 - Keegan Dixon 

2016 - Ben Gibbs


2019 - Jeremiah Pope (JV)

2018 - Gavin Gibson (Pro), Cole Lineberger, (Varsity), Aubrey Gibbs (JV)

2017 - Keegan Dixon (Varsity), Jalil Robinson (JV)

2016 - Gavin Gibson (Varsity), Ethan Okoro (JV)

Offensive Player of the Year:

2019 - Jamarion Linebarger (JV)

2018 - Deveion Grayson (Pro), Todrick Linebarger (Varisty), Gavin Cook (JV)

2017 - Riley Shropshire (Varisty), Jamison Rowe (JV)

2016 - Zane Redmond (Varisty), Braydon Rowe (JV)

Defensive Player of the Year:

2019 - Austin Harper(JV)

2018 - Ben Watson and Tyquan Hill (Pro), Hayden Parker (Varsity), Gerald Danner (JV)

2017 - Tristian Williams (Varisty), Gerald Danner and Breyon Gibbs (JV)

2016 - Ben Watson (Varsity), Tymarion Miller and Tristian Williams (JV)

Team Before Self:

2019 - Noah Vess (JV)

2018 - Zamarion Calloway (Pro), Rion Morgan (Varsity), Walker Harris (JV)

2017 - Elijah Boston (Varisty), Cole Lineberger (JV)

2016 - Nathan Lingle (Varsity), Javier Lineberger (JV)

Most Improved:

2019 - Cahlil White (JV)

2018 - Dillion Gillespie (Pro), Connor Evans (Varsity), Kaleb Hunt (JV)

2017 - Vance Sigmon (Varisty), Jamarion Linebarger (JV)

2016 - Brice Gay (Varsity), Todrick Linebarger (JV)

Lineman of the Year:

2018 - Dean Barry and Javin Cauthen (Varsity)

Most Dependable:

2017 - Connor Pinkerton (Varsity)

Most Versatile:

2019 - Isaiah Lutz (JV)

2018 - Zion Ettison (Pro), Tymarion Miller (Varsity)